The availability of the accommodation provided by colleges vary depending on the college policies and opportunities. Colleges provide the first year accommodation for all undergraduate students and for at least one additional year during their course. Graduate students are also able to find
accommodation provided by many colleges.

Please also refer to our social media pages and groups for further possible opportunities.

As an undergraduate student, you can choose to move out of college and live with friends in student accommodation for some of your time studying at Oxford. For more information refer to Living Costs or look at individual college websites to see the accommodation offered by the different colleges. 

The Graduate Accommodation Office lets and manages rooms, flats and houses in and around Oxford city centre, on sites owned by the University, to full-time graduate students. To find further information on graduate student properties, full contact details for the Graduate Accommodation Office team, and how to apply for accommodation, visit the Graduate Accommodation Office.

For help with accommodation information for visiting students, academics and staff members, visit the Studentpad website, hosted by the Graduate Accommodation Office, where a number of private landlords advertise for tenants associated with the University. 

Private accommodation

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